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Will you be ‘dosha dining’ in 2017?


*Everyone is talking about dosha dining and, as it continues to trend, it’s intriguing more and more of us. So what is dosha dining and why do food entrepreneurs believe it’s going to be big in 2017? * Need a bit more energy? Dosha dining is becoming an increasingly popular, Indian-inspired style of eating. It encourages people to eat things that are better for their bodies, and...


Ready-made Indian sauces, without the hassle


*It’s Friday evening, you have friends coming round for a meal, and you’ve been really busy all week. Do you know what? There really is no shame in cheating a bit and buying a quality, ready-made Indian sauce. In fact, if you don’t mention it, no one will even know you’ve not slaved over it for hours! * An Indian feast – in an instant So you’re...


How to cook your rice perfectly


*Does your rice end up light and fluffy, or sticky, stodgy and unappetising? The quality of the rice you use will, of course, influence the taste and appearance you get, but it’s also about how you cook it. The good news is, with a bit of know-how, you master it without too much difficulty.* We all love a plate full of hot, steamy rice Rice has...


Jamie Oliver and Salma Hayek make Kibbeh


*Jamie Oliver’s highly popular cooking programme on Channel 4 - Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast – is not to be missed. Not only are we treated to some super cooking ideas, but shown how to prepare, cook and serve some really tantalising dishes by a host of well known celebs. Tom Daley recently brought the present series to an end with his delicious sweet and...


Make your own perfect Naan bread


*If you haven’t tried homemade Naan bread, you’re definitely missing out. They are absolutely delicious and the perfect accompaniment for a wide range of Indian dishes. But that’s just the beginning. * So what is Naan bread and why do we all love it? Whether you like it infused with garlic, fresh herbs or spices, or even stuffed with vegetables or meat, it’s a must-have when you’re...


Britain’s favourite Indian dishes


*Freshly prepared Indian food is an absolute delight. Now an established part of our everyday diet, there are a few classic meals that we all love. * Indian food is in fashion Whether you cook it yourself or buy it from your local takeaway to share with your friends and family, we all adore Indian food! *Here are some of the most popular Indian dishes: * *1. Chicken...


How to make a homemade Indian takeaway


*Homemade Indian cooking needn’t take hours and hours to prep, or cost more than you can afford. That’s why many of us are ditching the traditional Friday night takeaway, for a healthier, home-cooked alternative. * Did you say a homemade takeaway? *A food revolution is upon us – and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to experience it. * A homemade...


Are Indian spices good for your health?


*Indian spices have long been associated with a number of health benefits. But is that just common opinion, or based on fact? And which ones, in particular, are better for you? Here are our top 5 spices and the medicinal benefits they provide. * Not just about flavour then? So Indian spices don’t only taste great, they might also be good for our health? *Here are 5 spices/herbs...


5 ways to eat well, for less than you think


*Is it really possible to eat healthy on a budget? According to nutritional experts, one of the best ways of eating well for less, is to buy local, seasonal produce, don’t be shy of using tinned or frozen vegetables or, better still, grow your own. The good news is that vegetables, herbs and spices are all generally low calorie and vitamin-rich, so get plenty of them!...


Food trends for 2017 – what will you eat?


*When it comes to food, we all have our individual likes and dislikes. It would be extremely dull if we were all the same. The fact is we are a nation of food lovers, and more and more of us are choosing to express ourselves through the food that we eat. A major supermarket chain has recently described food as the hottest social currency out...