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East End Premium Gold Atta UPDATE


We mill Premium Gold chapatti flour at our own mill based in West Bromwich, UK. We source our wheat from our reputed suppliers. The wheat is cleaned in our state of the art flour mill. The cleaned wheat is ground in a specially designed stone grinding mill (Chakki).

We are aware that there is a video circulating on social media about East End Premium Gold chapatti flour. The video is falsely claiming that plastic is mixed in the East End Premium Gold Chapatti flour. The video and its content are inaccurate and misleading. 

The so-called plastic claimed in the video is in fact Gluten, which is a natural protein present in all wheat.  The gluten content is very crucial to get the right texture of chapatti/bread. All chapatti flour, bread flour or plain flour will have gluten in it and will give similar results, when washed under water.

We once again confirm that our chapatti flour is made from 100 percent wheat, it is natural with no additive or any other ingredient added to it.